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Lesson Learned: Use Fisher Maritime for Contract Preparation

A Fisher Maritime assignment involved project management and, later, litigation support on behalf of a ship owner embroiled in a major vessel construction dispute. Fisher Maritime had been engaged mid-way through the project to assist the owner’s project management team in order to get the vessel completed as rapidly as possible without further delays and additional costs.

Once the vessel was delivered, Fisher Maritime reviewed and evaluated, in the challenge of litigation, the contract, specifications and plans along with the considerable correspondence generated by differing interpretations of owner and contractor. Senior consultants from Fisher Maritime then presented expert testimony in the legal proceedings.

Subsequently, in preparation for another, larger and more-complex shipbuilding project, the owner obtained a draft contract as well as draft specifications and plans. As is often the case,  each of these documents was prepared by different sources. The owner, already having learned a lesson, asked Fisher Maritime to prepare a review of the draft contract, specifications and drawings. The review revealed numerous inadequacies in the draft documents’ language and inconsistencies between different documents. These were presented to the owner and the recommended corrections were implemented, effectively eliminating a number of potential disputes before they ever had any chance to surface.

Maritime organizations do not have to go through such costly and burdensome learning experiences to know to call upon Fisher Maritime for pre-contract reviews of the contract documents. Lesson learned: call Fisher Maritime if you are about to develop contract documents for a new or conversion project.

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