Fisher Maritime's Fairleads

'Lessons Learned' Strategies & Ideas for the Marine Industry

Why Fairleads?

Freshly-refurbished-fairleads - color popAnyone who is familiar with ships likely knows that the purpose of fairleads is to guide a hauling line when the winch or capstan is not directly in line with whatever is being hauled.  While fundamentally these devices allow the hauling line to change direction, they also provide protection by preventing the line from being hauled against sharp edges and other potentially damaging obstacles.  Taken to their essence, these relatively small devices provide changes in hauling line direction while also ensuring the safety of the equipment and nearby personnel.

In a similar fashion, Fisher Maritime has introduced this blog to discuss key strategies and ideas essential to the successful completion of vessel construction, repair, and conversion projects.  Presented in a ‘lessons learned’ fashion, these strategies and ideas will allow one to change project direction  and avoid  running afoul of those obstacles that could sever the possibility of a successful project.  Unlike their shipboard counterparts, however, when implemented early these ‘fairleads’ can often times be used without introducing too much ‘friction’ in the process.

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